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Tandem skydiving is ideal for a variety of scenarios. Whether you just want to make one skydive, or if you would like a quick introduction to skydiving before moving on the other programs.

The objective here is to gain Freefall experience and Canopy Control Instruction in a succession of three (3) fun safe dives.

On each Tandem Dive, the student learns an exit that best presents the tandem pair face-first and head-up into to the relative wind. The instructor verifies that the student is ready, and then begins a cadence of three ("Ready, set, go!" "Up, down arch!" etc.) to help the student anticipate the exit and pre-pare for solo freefall.

After exit, the student takes a breath and (on instructor’s signal) relaxes into the correct freefall position, checks altitude, and performs three (3) practice deployments. Student altitude checks continue until 6,500 feet where the student performs a wave off and Pull by 6,000 feet. (Turning is incorporated into dives 2 and 3.)

After a successful canopy deployment, the student now learns proper canopy control and valuable experience for his or her solo dives via AFF Instruction. This includes canopy turns, canopy stalls, setting up an approach for landing, and landing procedures.

After a successful completion of no less than three (3) Tandem Training Dives, the student progresses to AFF Instruction, Level 4.